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So many words, so many words repeated so many times…

I am praying that somehow I never have to again hear the word “Bitcoin” or any form or use of the word “Crypt” unless it is in connection with a burial site.  “Blockchain” is okay—for now.

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Michael Myers Rises Again.

Game Changer. I thought it was dead but saw it again this morning. Michael Myers rises again.

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Journey this…

It was way back in the late 1980s when I heard “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” I thought that was quite profound at the time but in the ensuing years the very concept of “journey” has come to make...

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Hot Dogs

I just read on my office elevator news screen that Americans will, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, eat 7 Billion hot dogs. That is astounding, on several levels. Seven. Billion. Hot Dogs. 

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I thought nothing was forever. Now  I observe that every “change,” especially change due to the pandemic, is “forever.” Everything is going to “change our lives forever.”  In fact, it’s hard nowadays to find a sentence announcing any kind of...

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Let’s Not Make Him the New Cassandra

PLEASE listen to what Michael Lewis is saying right now.  Few things could be as important to our commonwealth as what Michael Lewis is saying right now.    

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I Have No Thoughts on the Matter

One TV reporter just asked another:  "What do you think of the loss of Prince Philip?" No further comment necessary.  

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Cancel Please?

Just when I thought we were done with it, I saw it again today: "Game Changer."   How about “Game Over”? 

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The constant refrain of the commands “Look” and “Listen” have become a pandemic.  Suggested reading:  

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forever and ever and ever and…

And speaking of blather, How about now EVERYTHING these days is not just “changed,” but “changed forever."  More empty pronouncements, phony drama, false profundity—everywhere.  Nothing is forever.

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