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Dan Flanigan asks, “Where does O’Keefe go from here?”

A.D. 2020 How did we get here? Dan Flanigan intends to tell us the story of our modern times through a series of novels, chronologically arranged, recounting, from the 1980s to the present day, the life and adventures of his...

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Some of my favorite movies…Comments?

These are some of my favorite movies.  Comments?  Blade Runner Alien Breaker Morant Lost In America Amelie The Big Lebowski Young Frankenstein A Man For All Seasons Z

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Not always, but often, genius.

The Genius of Certain Geico Ads For example, "Antonio": The opening question: "Who's dog is this?" (For awhile I missed this because it happens at the beginning and so quickly. Don't make that mistake.) The spirit of Mad Magazine is still...

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No. Just no.

My candidate for the most overrated movie of all time: Vertigo.  What is wrong with you people?  More later. 

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Bread & Circuses: Stay Tuned, Story at 11:00

Heard on a television newscast recently: "Police are looking for a man who shot another man sitting in a car . . . And if you have a sweet tooth . . ."    

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You don’t even have a Facebook page!

No surprise if you’ve forgotten that a movie called Birdman won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2014.  The movie featured what the writers and the director obviously thought was a wonderful put-down speech by Emma Stone, berating her father,...

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Bread & Circuses: A Belated Protest

A belated protest:  La La Land?  Really?

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