Hot Dogs

I just read on my office elevator news screen that Americans will, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, eat 7 Billion hot dogs. That is astounding, on several levels. Seven. Billion. Hot Dogs. 

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NO “Friend Of A Farmer”

There is a restaurant on Irving Place in Gramercy called Friend Of A Farmer. I walked by there this morning in a vulnerable state. Having had no breakfast yet, I was hungry. People sat outside seeming to be enjoying themselves....

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The Modern Equivalent Of The Backroom Poker Game?

Another intriguing cranny: It’s on 4th Avenue between 12th and 13th in the Village next to the Alabaster Bookstore (which is supremely deserving of your patronage (see Flaneur blog post "Alabaster Bookshop"). It’s name is, simply, “Pie.” You order pizza...

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Alabaster Bookshop

One of the great little places in New York that are dying fast. In the Village on 4th Avenue between 11th and 12th.

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Flaneur: A World of Empty Storefronts

What happens to our urban built environment and the vitality of urban street life when all of us are huddling over our screens, ordering most of our goods and services on the internet in order to save a nickel?  Call...

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