Dan’s Beggar’s Bowl

Dan begs you this weekend to buy at a physical store.  Don't just be a jerk and go in there to conduct the all-important physical inspection and Q&A with a live, probably even knowledgeable human being.  Pay the extra nickel, you'll...

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Alabaster Bookshop

One of the great little places in New York that are dying fast. In the Village on 4th Avenue between 11th and 12th.

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Flaneur: News Bar, Part 2

After too long away, I visited News Bar again this morning, stepping gingerly along the crusted snow on the sidewalks and streets.  #11:  Chicken Hash With Apple.  Two Eggs (Cage Free And No Antibiotics) Any Style (Soft Scrambled For Me), ...

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Flaneur: A World of Empty Storefronts

What happens to our urban built environment and the vitality of urban street life when all of us are huddling over our screens, ordering most of our goods and services on the internet in order to save a nickel?  Call...

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Flaneur: News Bar

University Place, Greenwich Village.  There are great educational institutions spotted all around the City, but this is Ground Zero for higher education in New York--NYU, New School, Parsons, Cardozo Law School.  In the middle of it all a place called News Bar.  it...

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