NO “Friend Of A Farmer”

There is a restaurant on Irving Place in Gramercy called Friend Of A Farmer. I walked by there this morning in a vulnerable state. Having had no breakfast yet, I was hungry. People sat outside seeming to be enjoying themselves. There was a short line of people waiting to get in. I could see inside people perched on stools by the window eating off a ledge only large enough to accommodate a dinner plate. Very popular. I ventured in. Inside was a warren of small rooms, homey and quaint. The hostess took me upstairs to a small table. I was fascinated. The breakfasts had a good look about them. Next to me a lady diner’s plate held scrambled eggs, potatoes, blueberry pancakes. It was too much, but it looked too good to pass up. I ordered the same thing, so excited about the place I asked to look at a dinner menu. When the food came, nothing was as i ordered, the eggs were cold, the bacon was missing entirely, and it took me a long time to find my waiter to recover it and even longer minutes to obtain butter and salt and pepper. I ate a few bites of things, paid, and left. There was now a very long line outside.

By Dan Flanigan
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