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Strike for Survival, Earth Day 2023

Well, you heard it in this little obscure corner of the world for the first time:  Call for Worldwide General Strike on Earth Day April 22, 2023. #StrikeForSurvival #EarthDay2023

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“On Lonesome Roads” Receives Glowing Review from Kirkus Reviews

In this third installment of a mystery series, a private eye takes on another dangerous case. After battling drug-smuggling operations and Mafia kingpins, the Vietnam veteran–turned–divorced gumshoe Peter O’Keefe returns to fight for his personal safety. Novelist and litigator Flanigan’s...

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So many words, so many words repeated so many times…

I am praying that somehow I never have to again hear the word “Bitcoin” or any form or use of the word “Crypt” unless it is in connection with a burial site.  “Blockchain” is okay—for now.

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Michael Myers Rises Again.

Game Changer. I thought it was dead but saw it again this morning. Michael Myers rises again.

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Journey this…

It was way back in the late 1980s when I heard “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” I thought that was quite profound at the time but in the ensuing years the very concept of “journey” has come to make...

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Hot Dogs

I just read on my office elevator news screen that Americans will, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, eat 7 Billion hot dogs. That is astounding, on several levels. Seven. Billion. Hot Dogs. 

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I thought nothing was forever. Now  I observe that every “change,” especially change due to the pandemic, is “forever.” Everything is going to “change our lives forever.”  In fact, it’s hard nowadays to find a sentence announcing any kind of...

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