Post No Bills

Dan’s Beggar’s Bowl

Dan begs you this weekend to buy at a physical store.  Don't just be a jerk and go in there to conduct the all-important physical inspection and Q&A with a live, probably even knowledgeable human being.  Pay the extra nickel, you'll...

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I take about every form of transportation you can think of in NYC, including a bicycle whenever i can, but primarily i use my own feet. I increasingly feel like a hunted animal. The cyclists are worse than the cars....

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Praise for Tenebrae: A Memoir of Love and Death

"Dan Flanigan is a visionary poet. His series of poems, Tenebrae: A Memoir of Love and Death, based on ancient services sometimes performed in the Roman Catholic Church, grapples with the death of his wife....I am filled with its humanity, its...

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