I take about every form of transportation you can think of in NYC, including a bicycle whenever i can, but primarily i use my own feet. I increasingly feel like a hunted animal. The cyclists are worse than the cars. They obey no laws and the authorities could care less. We should form a citizen’s group called Self-Propelled to assert the rights of pedestrians against encroachments by all forms of machine-assisted transportation, including and especially the rampaging bicyclists. Full disclosure: I have in my life suffered injuries requiring a total of 20 stitches, plus one near-death experience, from bicyclists crashing or nearly crashing into me. Plus many close calls. Required pledge for membership in Self-Propelled: I too will obey the rules including, up to a point, “don’t walk” signs, i.e I will not jaywalk unless there is no chance whatsoever that an oncoming vehicle, bicycles included, will need to slow down to avoid hitting me.

By Dan Flanigan
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