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Nothing is forever. Really, nothing. I promise.

Nothing just “changes” anymore.  Everything changes “forever.” Well, yes, maybe, but to the extent it’s true, it has always been true. This is just needlessly repetitive to create false drama and significance. And now it’s worse than a cliché. And,...

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Keep your shirt (but more importantly, your shoes) on…

Barefooted Magazine Photos. Nobody seems to wear shoes anymore. Is this to indicate how cool, how casually informal they are? This isn’t Dogpatch. Don’t they know that most people have ugly feet?

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Strike for Survival, Earth Day 2023

Well, you heard it in this little obscure corner of the world for the first time:  Call for Worldwide General Strike on Earth Day April 22, 2023. #StrikeForSurvival #EarthDay2023

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“On Lonesome Roads” Receives Glowing Review from Kirkus Reviews

In this third installment of a mystery series, a private eye takes on another dangerous case. After battling drug-smuggling operations and Mafia kingpins, the Vietnam veteran–turned–divorced gumshoe Peter O’Keefe returns to fight for his personal safety. Novelist and litigator Flanigan’s...

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So many words, so many words repeated so many times…

I am praying that somehow I never have to again hear the word “Bitcoin” or any form or use of the word “Crypt” unless it is in connection with a burial site.  “Blockchain” is okay—for now.

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Michael Myers Rises Again.

Game Changer. I thought it was dead but saw it again this morning. Michael Myers rises again.

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Journey this…

It was way back in the late 1980s when I heard “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” I thought that was quite profound at the time but in the ensuing years the very concept of “journey” has come to make...

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