And It Is 3 for 3: The US Review of Books Loves Peter O’Keefe

Mink Eyes

“The novel is not merely another fast-paced thriller. Because of its contemplation of place, and specifically an American place in which a large swath of historical and contemporary literature is set, it is a unique contribution to literature incorporating the American South as its prominent setting…This book breathes new life into a well-worn, often too predictable genre.”

The Big Tilt

“…The narrative still comes together in a consistently engaging style with strong characters caught in an interesting scenario. Flanigan’s book will undoubtedly have broad appeal and is easily recommended for readers who enjoy thrillers and stories about private investigators.”

On Lonesome Roads

“Above all else, the author is a wizard of wordcraft, expertly weaving in numerous storylines while dynamically paving the path for the characters with challenges and then helping them steer through with plausible outcomes. Throughout, Flanigan’s work is one of the few works of suspense where the reader is left guessing until the very last minute, making for a nail-biting page-turner that deserves to be savored and explored deeply.”

By Dan Flanigan
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