Gag Reflex: #overused #YouMadeYourPoint #unnecessary

Like. Used fourth or fifth word by our younger population.  Doesn’t just make you want to gag but, after about two minutes of it, to make you run screaming from the room.  My heart especially goes out to the mothers and fathers who did not grown up talking that way but have become hopelessly infected by their children. 

Oh My God! This follows Like in the same speech pattern but only every 10thword or so.

Game Changer.  Not only has it quickly become a tired cliché, it occasionally becomes a downright atrocity such as this one I saw recently: Gene therapy may be a game change. Really.  Yes, I guess the transformation of human life as we have known it forever would seem to be that . . . and maybe even a little more than that.

Curated. I knew this thing had escaped its cozy confines of museum administration when a few years ago I read an item in the LA Times describing a new strip retail center whose tenant mix had been “curated” by so-and-so.  How pompous, ponderous, and pretentiously inapposite its use has become. 

Iconic.  Similar to Curated.  This has been giving us the dry heaves for years, but they keep sticking their fingers down our throats. 






By Dan Flanigan
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