Existential. I said it before…

Why do I have to say it again?  In a previous post, I already had to gag about this word:

Everyone’s using it now along with the word “threat,” i.e. Existential Threat, a threat to the existence of something or other.  Let’s make sure not to confuse it with Existentialism, which grapples with the issue of individual human responsibility, will, and action in the face of the Absurd.  See The Myth of Sisyphus.

Now It’s Totally Out Of Control. Gone Viral, Which, We Must Remember, Used To Refer To A Disease.

Jack Foley, Peloton CEO, speaking at a financial conference: “The reality is that it is an incredible value, and we’re changing lives, and we’re allowing people to get more fit and get more healthy and get those endorphins and be better versions of themselves and all this existential stuff that we’re excited about at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.” 

Let’s nap and hope this passes on while we refresh our minds in sleep.





By Dan Flanigan
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