Flaneur: News Bar

University Place, Greenwich Village.  There are great educational institutions spotted all around the City, but this is Ground Zero for higher education in New York–NYU, New School, Parsons, Cardozo Law School.  In the middle of it all a place called News Bar.  it has been there for decades.  So far it has survived the relentless Gentrification (or is it really something like “Aristofication” of the City).


One of those places truly unique and not franchisable or even replicable.  Details:  Where do I begin?  Or end.  All-fresh, made to order breakfasts including basic eggs and bacon and sausage, waffles (only Belgian unfortunately), oatmeal with every imaginable topping, of course a Quinoa Bowl with Sweet Potatoes, Chicken Hash, and much more. Croissants, Doughnuts (“Doughnut Plant” style),, Danish, Scones, Bagels of course, and more.  Madeleines (not pre-wrapped, fresh). Sandwiches standard and exotic (e.g. Pork Belly, Brie, Apple and Bacon). Paninis too.  Quiches!  Homemade soups, plain and adventurous.  Salads custom made.


Only 30 minutes on the Wi-Fi.


4 long wooden tables (I have been many times and not once has one of these old soldiers wobbled on me, you can leave your shims at home) and very old fashioned wooden chairs with leather seats, comfortable enough.  Or you can sit on a stool with an accommodating enough little ledge at the window and watch the perpetual pedestrian parade along University Place.


But there’s a high rise condo going up across the street now.  News Bar could be only one lease renewal away from extinction.


Enjoy it while you can and maybe you will even help save it (and something worthwhile in us along with it).


And, yes, the “News.”  They have the daily papers.  Magazines too though nobody seems to read them.  And Beware:  “Magazine Theft Will Be Reported And Prosecuted.”

By Dan Flanigan
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